Wildfire Missions Unit (WMU)

WMU (Wildfire Missions Unit) is the official value exchange currency of the Wildfire Mission. It allows all Travelers in our journey to actively participate in the economy of our traveling community.

One WMU (or 1WMU) equals 20000 WMPs within the exchange.
Each point amounts to $0.0025.

You can gain points by receiving them as gifts from fellow travelers, purchasing them directly, and through active participation within the community. Each point gained can be used towards the purchase of:

  • Wildfire Retreat Tickets.
  • Wildfire Renewal Tickets.
  • Wildfire Mission Publications.
  • Other products and resources within the mission.

By gaining, purchasing, gifting and spending your WMUs, you will be contributing towards the various financial and other costs of the mission in more ways than you could possibly imagine.