Service Areas

Through a variety of services we participate in experiencing and spreading the Wildfire. From Wildfire Daily Digest to the Lord’s Table, Amen Studios, 24HRP, Good Seeds, Spirit Conservation, these services foster participation and spiritual fellowship, and catalyze deeper spiritual metamorphosis in the experience of seekers worldwide.

Wildfire Daily Digest

A no-judgment zone of unity and freedom. Share experiences, participate in insightful discussions, and pray together as you delve into inspiring letters and scriptures.


Powerful and transformative. Round-the-clock intercessory prayers, connecting people from around the world, filling the earth with the knowledge of God’s glory!

Amen Studios

Experience the transformative power of Wildfire through Amen Studios today!

The Lord’s Table

Join The Lord’s Table and celebrate your identity in Christ!

The Good Seeds

Join us in spreading love to the less fortunate today!


The Wildfire Daily Digest is a no-judgment zone of unity and freedom for all YokeFellows of the Wildfire; a safe haven of acceptance and fellowship. Here we come together to receive daily reminders of whose, who and why we are, participate in insightful discussions, share our experiences and even our differences. It’s a place we join together in prayer as the Holy Spirit guides us. Furthermore, it’s a fellowship where Wildfire YokeFellows read and meditate on the letters and scriptures the Wildfire messenger has written to us from the Holy Spirit.


We have a mandate from the Holy Spirit to join Her in round-the-clock intercessory prayers for Her children and the world in which they live in. She promised that as we pray, the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord s the waters cover the sea. And so at the Wildfire Online Communty Center (WOCC) prayers go up round the clock, an incense of pleasing aroma to the Lord.

If you are called by the Holy Spirit and have a passion for intercessory prayers, you are welcome to join us in this powerful and transformative prayer fellowship that connects people from all over the world in continuous prayer. Let us pray together, as the knowledge of God’s glory fills the earth!


The dynamic and creative media production crew that brings the Wildfire message to life on the global stage. Our team specializes in crafting multi-dimensional perspectives that inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds. We deliver cutting-edge and thought-provoking entertainment through inspirational movies, documentaries, uplifting music, and more. At Amen Studios, we have a passion for telling powerful stories that leave a lasting impact. Join us in spreading the Wildfire message through our transformative media experiences.

The Lord’s Table

Welcome to The Lord’s Table, where we come together as a family to remember Christ and celebrate our identity in Him. As “The Mothers” of the Wildfire, we love and nurture every child of God, meeting for services on Sundays at 11am (CST). Bound together in the New Covenant of the Holy Spirit, we honor our Father in Spirit and in Truth and remember our elder brother, Jesus. Join us in discovering the mystery of The Lord’s Table and experiencing the love, power, and freedom it brings. All children are welcomed to participate and take their place at The Table.

The Good Seeds

We are a crucial part of the Wildfire. We aim at achieving our charitable goals by providing aid to underprivileged members of our society. We distribute items such as food or money to those in need, based on the guidance of the Spirit. We also visit various beneficiaries, including motherless babies’ homes, hospitals, and widows, on a quarterly basis in April, August, and December. Love is our only motivation, as we believe it is the only divine command that matters. Everyone is free to contribute cash or food items to support our efforts to spread love to those who are less fortunate. We welcome all people to join us in this labour of kindness and compassion.