WR201: NO REPUTATION is an extraordinarily powerful force designed to challenge and empower you. It will guide you to rise above the need for external validation, helping you to shun reputation, embrace rejection and unite deeply with the Holy Spirit.

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This course includes 19 video messages from the Messenger, given by the Holy Spirit to free you from all shackles of needing external validation and worldly validation. This course will help you understand the value of being rejected by the world and how it aligns with being chosen by God. You will be pointedly empowered to overcome worldly rejection and transform it into an opportunity for glorious spiritual metamorphosis.


  • The significance of rejecting worldly validation and embracing a divine path.
  • Practical steps to deepen your prayer life and connection with the Holy Spirit.
  • How to find joy and strength in the face of adversity through faith.
  • Methods to protect your spiritual progress and continue growing.
  • The power of divine wisdom and guidance in overcoming life’s challenges.