Wildfire YokeFellows


This course is a feast of spiritual nurturing for our building blocks—the Wildfire YokeFellows. Equipping them for their divine roles within their Winds, their Wings, and beyond.


Building Blocks

Wildfire YokeFellows are very important to the spreading of the Wildfire. Very important. They are the major building blocks and pillars of this mission; of Winds and Wings. They must never be neglected.

Watch your back.

As you move forward, as you go forth to battle, protect your back. Protect your YokeFellows. They must be honored and respected. They must be helped and developed in their respective yokes. They must be multiplied within the Winds and Wings.

And this is why this course is set up:

    • To help Winds and Wings provided needed nurture and support to their YokeFellows.
    • To develop YokeFellows themselves to fulfill their destiny in the Mission.


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