An immersive mystical experience, ideal for spiritually minded Christ-beings seeking a deeper, more intimate communion with the Holy Spirit. This course is perfect for those eager to explore deep spiritual mysteries in a structured, immersive manner.

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Enrolling in ‘Wildfire Renewal 101’ signifies a passion for deep communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. This course includes 25 video messages, 24 book chapters, quizzes and impact report assignments. It’s a very deep dive, suited strictly for the dedicated and diligent. It demands time and mental investment.This course promises:

  • An immersive mystical experience, not just intellectual learning.
  • Intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit.
  • Guidance towards deeper oneness with God.
  • Each lesson, video, and book chapter catalyzes divine inspiration.
  • Profound spiritual awakening and metamorphosis.
  • Reflective assignments and personalized feedback.
  • A doorway to life-altering spiritual renewal.