BASIC TICKET admits only one person to attend all sessions of the Wildfire Summer 2022 Retreat, and re-watch all recordings.


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Wildfire Summer 2022 Retreat
2022-08-11 05:00 AM
60 Minutes
The Wildfire Retreat is a spiritual mountain climbing experience. Mountain climbing is a difficult challenge and no one can scale the heights unless the Holy Spirit enables them. And if the Holy Spirit enables you to climb the mountain, She will help you embrace the challenge wholeheartedly; and even enjoy it. Through the Wildfire Retreat, the Holy Spirit periodically invites those she has chosen to share Her presence, Her secrets and Her burdens. In essence, the Wildfire Retreat is a ‘special date with the Holy Spirit’. It is a part of Her love affair with Her beloved. In all Wildfire Retreats, the Holy Spirit uses Her chosen vessels to catalyze metamorphic experiences in the lives of participants, leading to phenomenal breakthroughs in their spiritual lives and in their minds. If She enables you to fully participate in this retreat, then expect to see and experience great and mighty things you’ve never known before. Expect to see your heart and mind transformed in ways you could never have imagined. Yes! Divinely favoured are those She has enabled to participate. Tickets are now available. Your ticket is your contribution towards the financial expenses of hosting the retreat. Give generously and be a blessing.