Sometime in July 2017, the Holy Spirit commanded Her messenger to pull God’s Favour down on His children. Since then thousands of Blissfuls from around the world have received extraordinary supernatural miracles through this incredible wave of favours and miracles.

Guided by this divine command, Prayer Connect Festival is an international event that brings together all lovers and followers of the Holy Spirit, to celebrate God’s love and supernatural favours.


So don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience your own personal breakthrough in that very stagnant area of your life!

Memorable Moments

Meet face to face and connect with all your favorite Blissfuls and Spirit Nomads from around the world for memorable moments of love and fellowship.

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The 4 Winds

Sit under the ministrations of the 4 Winds of Wildfire — this planet’s most resultful intercessors—and receive instant stunning answers to your prayers.

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Just Worship

Be a part of powerful worship sessions with some of today’s most anointed worship ministers!

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Favour Handshake

Get to meet Rev Wildfire in person for your own personal FAVOUR HANDSHAKE!

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