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This course includes 25 lessons, with 25 video messages from the Messenger and 24 chapters from the book “From the Holy Spirit” by Marvellous D-Favour. These are meant to give you a deep, spiritual experience. Inspired by the April 2022 Wildfire Renewal event, this course helps you think deeply about spiritual secrets. It’s more than just learning; it’s a journey into the amazing mysteries of the Spirit, inviting you to explore with an open heart.

This course is a special adventure that helps you feel closer to the Holy Spirit. It is perfect for you if you love learning about God and want to know Him more intimately. It is based on deep spiritual insights shared by the Messenger during the April 2022 Wildfire Renewal. If you’re interested in exploring big spiritual ideas in an easy, step-by-step way, this course is for you!

Signing up for ‘Wildfire Renewal 101’ shows you really want to feel close and connected to the Holy Spirit. This course has 25 video messages, 24 book chapters, quizzes, and tasks where you report your experiences. It’s a deep journey into learning, perfect for those who are committed and ready to put in time and effort.

This course offers:

  • A special experience that goes beyond just learning with your mind.
  • A close connection with the Holy Spirit.
  • Help to feel closer and more united with God.
  • Every lesson, video, and book chapter will inspire you deeply.
  • A big change in your spiritual life.
  • Thoughtful tasks to do and feedback just for you.
  • A chance to change your life through new spiritual discoveries.

This course is all about big changes in your spiritual life and usually takes 180 days. You’ll have time to think deeply, meditate, and get feedback on your work. If you want to dive deeper, you might spend up to 12 months. It’s a flexible journey that you shouldn’t rush, as it promises a big spiritual awakening.

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