Celebration Of The Wildfire Wings 

The wind, as powerful a force as it is, cannot be harnessed fully without wings. The Lord rides on the wings of the wind. Like an aircraft, or an eagle, there are dimensions of the Spirit we cannot access without wings. 

The Wildfire Wings, just like the Wildfire Winds, are integral part of the Wildfire Mission, and extensions of the Wildfire Winds, chosen by the Holy Spirit to express God’s unique will in eternity. They are currently five (5) in number – symbolising grace – mounting up and soaring against all odds. 

The Wings were ordained by the Wildfire Messenger on the 27th of August, during the 2023 Prayer Connect Festival, in Lagos, Nigeria, and on the 17th of September 2023, by the command of the Holy Spirit through Her Messenger, they were also formally celebrated across their cities of residence.

Wing Michael Eze

Micheal belongs to the NorthWind. He is married, and resides in the city of Owerri, Nigeria. He has been a part of the Wildfire Mission since 2004. His strong belief as regards his ordination is that, “Destiny cannot be delayed. The time is right. God Himself has made it happen. The will of God has come to prosper.”

Wing Vanessa  Ali

Vanessa is a part of the EastWind. She resides in Enugu, Nigeria with her family, and has been a part of the Wildfire Mission since 2017. To God, and for her calling, she proclaims, “Where can I hide from Your Spirit? I was set apart for Your purpose before I was born. Nothing can seperate me from Your love.”

Wing Brittany Olivier

Brittany is of the SouthWind. She is married, and resides in Louisiana, USA. She has been a part of the Wildfire Mission since 2018. According to her, “Impossible is nothing. Everything is possible to him that believes. In quietness and confident trust (in God) is our strength.”

Wing Ifeyinwa Okoro

Ifeyinwa belongs to the EastWind. She is married and resides in Warri, Nigeria. She has been a part of the Wildfire Mission since 1998. In the light of her experience and conviction, “God has made everything beautiful in its time. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. The mountain of the Lord’s house is firmly established.”

Wing Priscilla Barrai

Priscilla is of the NorthWind. She lives in Lagos, and has been a part of the Wildfire Mission since 2017. To God, and for her purpose, she affirms, “To the One who chooses, and keeps covenant to a thousand generations, whose mercy endures forever, I stand in awe of You.”


The relevance of the Wildfire Winds and their Wings to each other cannot be overemphasized. Their destinies are intertwined and fused in the Spirit. It is a call to partnership with the Holy Spirit. She is the wind beneath our wing. Our competence and qualification derive from Her. No man takes the honour upon himself. Hallelujah!