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Welcome to our Financial Exchange Desk. Here, you have the convenience of tracking rewards, managing credits, and handling transactions with utmost ease.
Click Here to learn all about our website exchange system.

Balance [Credits]

These are your earned activity points. They can’t be used to make purchases directly. However, you can convert them to Means and use them to make purchases.

Balance [Means]

Mean is the official currency at wildfiremissions.org. You can purchase it directly at the current exchange rate. It can also be gifted to you by another person. You can spend this balance for purchases at this website.

Purchase Means

  • Select the number of Means you want to purchase.
  • Select how you want to pay: Paypal Payments Standard, or Bank Transfer.
  • Then click the ‘Buy Now’ button. (1 Means is currently equivalent to $24).

Convert Credits to Means